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Japanese Film Festival 2016 schedule @ Ayala Center Cebu Cinema

Monday, August 15, 2016

August 17 (Wednesday), 7 p.m.

The Little House

Set against the backdrop of the Showa Modern period (1926-1945), it presents a full and mysterious account of a scandalous romance. In 1936 in the suburbs of Tokyo, Taki, a maid working for the Hirai family, deeply admires Tokiko, the beautiful lady of the house. As war approaches, Tokiko’s relationship with a man named Itakura comes under suspicion. After much agonizing, Taki makes a fateful decision.

August 18 (Thursay), 7 p.m.

Pale Moon

An adaptation of eponymous novel, “The Kirishima Thing,” it depicts the downfall of a housewife who falls head over heels in love and into a life of crime – plummeting towards her own destruction. Wakaba Bank contract employee Rika meets university student Kota at a client’s home. Unknown to her husband Masafumi, she engages in secret rendezvous with Kota, and begins to embezzle money from her clients’ accounts to buy expensive cosmetics and pay off Kota’s debt.

August 19 (Friday), 7 p.m.

August in Tokyo

A parallel story of a man and a woman living in the suburb of Tokyo, the film portrays the dynamics of people trying to co-exist in nature and in the city. Even though two individuals may be insignificant in the context of society, one life meets another and they move forward. In a corner of the city, a man named Natsuo lives as a yakuza and a woman named Natzuki works part-time. Although they rarely think about their families, they attempt to reunite with them. Brother and sister, father and daughter; the distance between them begins to shrink, but…

August 20 (Saturday), 4 p.m.

The Boy and the Beast

A feature-length animated film about a boy who meets a beast named Kumatetsu and becomes his disciple out of a desire to grow stronger. He is given the new name Kyuta, and the two enter a strange arrangement that involves living and training together. They gradually create a strong bond equal to that of a true father-son relationship.

Kakekomi, 7 p.m.

A warm-hearted period film set in actual divorce temple in Kamakura, it follows the efforts of a male protagonist who assists a group of women attempting to exit their marriages and make a new start in life. In 1841, novice doctor and playwright Shinjiro lives rent-free at an inn that takes in women seeking divorces. One day, two women run into his life: Jogo, a foundry worker with burns on her face, and O-Gin, a courtesan with an injured leg. Shinjiro continues to get caught up in a whirlwind of events, like being threatened by Sapanchi, the yakuza boss bursting into Kashiwaya looking for his woman, and dragged into the pregnancy hullabaloo of Yuki, who is a kakekomin woman at Tokeiji. All the while, Mizuno’s reforms have gotten harsher and his right-hand man, Torii, is plotting to send a mole into Tokeiji to bring it down.

August 21 (Sunday), 4 p.m.

Flying Colors

The film depicts the struggles of an airhead girl with bleached-out hair at the bottom of her class who strives to pass the entrance exam for the prestigious Keio University. Kudo Sayaka, who attends an all-girls’ high school in Nagoya, enrolls in a cram school at her mother’s behest. Sayaka is indifferent to her studies, ranks at the bottom of her class, and has the academic skills of a fourth grader. But she joins forces with her teacher Tsubota and tries to pass the extraordinarily competitive entrance exam for Keio University.

Our Little Sister, 7 p.m.

Three sisters – Sachi, Yoshino and Chika – live together in an old large house in the city of Kamakura. When their father – absent from the family home for the last 15 years – dies, they travel to the countryside for his funeral, and meet their shy teenage half-sister for the first time. Bonding quickly with the orphaned Suzu, they invite her to live with them. Suzu eagerly agrees, and a new life of joyful discovery begins for the four siblings. (FREEMAN)